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I’ll list every post here so they’re all easy to find.

  1. Introductions + A Brief History
  2. Happy Diagnosis Day! – Celebrating the two year anniversary of my Autism diagnosis.
  3. Disability Pride in Brighton – Performing at Disability Pride and my thoughts on it.
  4. In Colour at Fabrica in Brighton – A very cool art exhibition in Brighton.
  5. Farewell Phenelzine – My experience of taking Phenelzine/Nardil.
  6. Behind The Scars – A post about Sophie Mayanne’s Behind The Scars photography project and my experience having my photos taken for it.
  7. Finding Home and Finding Hope – A short post about poet Cecilia Knapp, her show Finding Home, and the importance of writing.
  8. 13 Things That Don’t Make My Depression Worse
  9. Keeping a Personal Library – My history/experience of OCD, specifically compulsive writing.
  10. Coming Off Phenelzine – What it felt like to stop taking Phenelzine/Nardil.
  11. 10 Lessons I Learned at 22 – Reflecting on 22 as I turn 23.
  12. No, I Can’t Stop Pulling My Hair Out – My experience with compulsive hair pulling, posted for BFRB Week 2017.
  13. ‘what it feels like to die’ by Claire Wineland – Claire Wineland’s video about her experience with death.
  14. Eye Contact – My thoughts on eye contact as a person with Autism.
  15. One Woman With Autism – My experience of Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  16. The Big White Room – The early days of recovery from depression.
  17. Moving Forward and Looking Back – A little tribute to the room I used to have therapy in.
  18. Some of the Little Things – A little bit more information about me to give some context to my other posts.
  19. Side Effect City – A review of the first month on Venlafaxine.
  20. The End of An Era – I graduated from university!
  21. A Fear of Fireworks – The story of why I’m scared of fireworks and how I manage my anxiety around Bonfire Night.
  22. BPD and Feeling Abandoned – Confronting my fear of abandonment.
  23. The Importance of Pets – Introducing my cat and my dog and how they impact my mental health.
  24. Two Levels of Mood – Some thoughts on mood and dealing with conflicting emotions.
  25. Tired – My history of fatigue and how it relates to Autism.
  26. Backwards Binoculars – Some thoughts about feeling disconnected from everything.
  27. Christmas and Autism – Some thoughts on Christmas and how to make it an enjoyable experience as a person with Autism.
  28. 2017 in Songs – Twelve songs that I loved in 2017.
  29. A Study of Autism – Why I love doing Autism research studies.
  30. I’m Grateful – Thinking about what I’m grateful for on Christmas Eve.
  31. 100 Days of Venlafaxine – A review of Venlafaxine.
  32. 2017 in Review – Looking back at 2017.
  33. 2018, I’ll Make You A Deal – Some new years resolutions and my thoughts on them as a practice.
  34. Of Stars and Spirals – Some thoughts on Turtles All The Way Down by John Green.
  35. A Few Words on Hopelessness
  36. When I Said I Wanted Superpowers, This Isn’t What I Meant – Just me rambling about the use of superpower metaphors in mental health.
  37. Stop Pulling My Hair Out (Attempt 2.1) – What happened when I tried to reduce my hair pulling.
  38. Holding On And Letting Go – On feeling sympathy for inanimate objects.
  39. Stepping Back in Time – If I could do secondary school and sixth form college again with all I know now.
  40. When You Feel ‘Too Much’ – Some tips for managing strong emotions.
  41. To Gig Or Not To Gig – Tips on performing when you have health issues.
  42. The Weird World of Anxiety Dreams – On anxiety dreams and some of the specific ones I’ve experienced.
  43. The Boy on the Bus – A chance encounter that got me thinking about blogging.
  44. ‘How To Feel Pretty’ by Anna Akana – A short post introducing Anna Akana and one of her videos.
  45. Hello and Goodbye to Lithium – A review of taking Lithium.
  46. Snapshot #1: Country2Country Festival as an Autistic Person – A day-in-the-life style post about attending Country2Country and my experience of it as an Autistic person with mental health struggles.
  47. Surviving Is Better Than Not Surviving – My experience with self harm, inspired by Claudia Boleyn’s video about living with self harm scars.
  48. World Poetry Day 2018 – Some of my poetry and some of my favourite poets.
  49. World Autism Awareness Week 2018 – Introducing World Autism Awareness Week and Autism itself, as well as some useful links and the video for the awareness campaign.
  50. The Consequences of an Autism Diagnosis – My personal pros and cons of being diagnosed with Autism.
  51. Living With The Volume Up Loud – My experience of being highly sensitive to the world around me and what can cause me to go into sensory overload.
  52. Learn With Me – My experience of being diagnosed with Autism at 20.
  53. Introducing My Autistic Self – How I told people about my diagnosis.
  54. Introducing my Mum – My Mum is my hero and she needs her own post, plus she may be writing some of her own pieces in the future.
  55. When Anxiety Is The Only Thing On The Menu – My experience of food and eating as an Autistic person.
  56. Autism Awareness Day 2018 – A round up of my Autism Awareness Week posts and some encouraging words for anyone struggling.
  57. Nashville Playlist – A song for every day I was in Nashville.
  58. Goin’ Back To Nashville, Thinkin’ ‘Bout The Whole Thing – A recap of my trip to Nashville.
  59. Moving House When You’re Autistic – Tips for moving house from a person with Autism.
  60. Yes, It’s Another Medication Review – My experience of taking Lamotrigine.
  61. The Only Make Up Tutorial That Matters – A video by Anna Akana.
  62. To Define or Not To Define – On whether we should be defined by mental illness.
  63. Invisible – Out Now! – My debut single is out!
  64. The Blurt Foundation Selfcareathon 2018 – My experience with The Blurt Foundation’s Selfcareathon challenge.
  65. A Short(ish) Note on Thirteen Reasons Why – Before Season 2 comes out, some of my thoughts on Season 1.
  66. Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 – Some thoughts on sharing your experience.
  67. Autistic and Afraid of the Dentist – My experience with dentists as a person with Autism and how seeing a specialist dentist helped me.
  68. So I Accidentally Went Into Withdrawal… – My experience of Venlafaxine withdrawal.
  69. A Buddy Box from The Blurt Foundation – Opening a box of self care stuff from The Blurt Foundation.
  70. A Need For Balance – Samantha Pena talks about her experience with OCD.
  71. A Little Less Wise? – On having a wisdom tooth removed under general anaesthetic.
  72. Autism’s Got Talent – Performing at Autism’s Got Talent, a showcase for autistic people, run by Anna Kennedy Online.
  73. I’m Running Out of Clever Titles For Medication Reviews – The experience of weaning myself off Venlafaxine.
  74. When You Don’t Want To Get Better – An update on my mental health and my fear of feeling better.
  75. I Finally Read Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig – A book review of sorts.
  76. Snapshot #2: Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour – My experience of seeing Taylor Swift in concert (as a person with Autism and anxiety).
  77. Travelling as an Autistic Person – Some of the things that help me when travelling.
  78. Introducing Claire Wineland
  79. A Holiday Bubble – I went to Norfolk for a week.
  80. How Are We Already Halfway Through The Year? – A review of my 2018 new year’s resolutions.
  81. Hannah Jane Parkinson on Mental Health and Mental Illness – Thoughts on an article in The Guardian.
  82. Getting Back To Gigging – Getting used to performing again and coping with my anxiety.
  83. An Introduction To Amitriptyline – A review of taking Amitriptyline after taking it for six weeks.
  84. Taking A Self Care Day – What I do to look after myself.
  85. Life Goes On (Even When You Don’t Want It To) – I’ve been thinking a lot about how emotions change over time.
  86. Getting A Diagnosis – The Mental Illness Edition – My experience of trying to get a diagnosis.
  87. Getting A Diagnosis – The Autism Edition – My experience of getting an Autism diagnosis.
  88. Mental Health and Medication Update – Just a little life update.
  89. When Things Get Really Bad – What I do on the bad days.
  90. Remembering Claire Wineland – Her TEDx talk about living a life you’re proud of.
  91. A First Attempt At Bullet Journalling – What I’ve learned about it and how it helps my life.
  92. ‘Is Autism a Gift?’ (At New Scientist Live) – Dr Anna Remington’s talk about some of the positives of Autism.
  93. Things I’d Tell My Younger Self – Looking back on my younger self as I turn twenty four.
  94. Some Social Media Favourites – Some social media accounts that help me/inspire me/bring me joy.
  95. Birthday Rules – An effort to reduce anxiety around my birthday and potentially make them more enjoyable and memorable.
  96. So I Wrote A Thing For World Mental Health Day
  97. My Experiences with Therapy – CBT, EMDR, DBT, and my experience of them.
  98. Meltdowns, Halsey, Halsey, and Meltdowns – A really intense weekend where I saw Halsey twice and had multiple meltdowns.
  99. Describing Depression – Some metaphors for depression, some famous and some of my own.
  100. I Rediscovered Swimming – About finding the right form of exercise and the benefits of swimming.
  101. Another Anna Akana Video I’m Grateful For – Anna Akana talking about her experience with suicidal thoughts.
  102. Quotes That Helped Me – Perhaps the first instalment of quotes that I’ve found helpful.
  103. The Last Few Weeks… – An Autism research study, giving blood, a medication change, and a concert.
  104. What Women With Autism Want You To Know – A video about women with Autism.
  105. Books, Film, and TV of 2018 – A round up of the media I’ve loved in 2018.
  106. Beautiful, Stunning, Stressful Iceland – A little summary of my trip to Iceland.
  107. Grateful 2018 – Some of the things I’m grateful for on Christmas Eve.
  108. 2018 in Songs – Thirteen songs I loved in 2018.
  109. 2018 in Review – Looking back at 2018.
  110. The Old New Year’s Resolutions – Looking back at my New Year’s Resolutions and assessing whether I achieved them or not.
  111. 19 For 2019 – Nineteen things I want to do in 2019.
  112. Situation Specific Mutism – My experience with Selective Mutism.
  113. The Next Chapter In The Medication Chronicles – Coming off Amitriptyline and trying Clomipramine and Pregabalin.
  114. My Personal Warning Signs of Depression – About how we all have our own warning signs for Depression and some examples of mine.
  115. Because Sometimes You Need To Laugh – Some funny animal videos.
  116. Tips for Talking About Mental Health and Mental Illness – Tips on Time To Talk Day 2019.
  117. Why Sara Bareilles Means So Much To Me – I really, really love Sara Bareilles.
  118. Quotes That Helped Me (Creativity Edition) – Some more quotes but this time focussed on being creative.
  119. Some ‘Interesting’ Medication Experiences
  120. 365 Days of Kittens – On the kittens’ first birthday, a review of the year and all that’s happened.
  121. Talking About Self Harm – On Self Harm Awareness Day, some tips for talking about self harm.
  122. Books That Teenage Me Loved – Some books that I loved as a teenager.
  123. Happy International Women’s Day! – Women that inspire me.
  124. My Experience of Borderline Personality Disorder
  125. World Poetry Day 2019 – Some spoken word artists that I love.
  126. Nashville Playlist 2019 – Some songs I listened to during my Nashville trip.
  127. Nashville Looks Good On You – My trip to Nashville.
  128. A Letter Under The Floorboards – Saying goodbye to my childhood home.
  129. Claudia Boleyn on BPD and Obsessions
  130. The New Plan – Changing medications.
  131. 30 Days of Self Care – Attempting the 30 Days of Self Care Challenge.
  132. Quotes That Helped Me (Validation Edition – Part 1) – Some quotes to help validate difficult emotions.
  133. ‘Invisible’ Music Video – Out Now! – The ‘Invisible’ music video and the story of making it.
  134. Why I’m Not Writing About Body Image For Mental Health Awareness Week
  135. Quotes That Helped Me (Validation Edition – Part 2) – Some more quotes to help validate difficult emotions.
  136. Feeling Good About Feeling Bad – An Anna Akana video about processing negative emotions.
  137. Don’t You Lose Your Halo – Seeing Maren Morris in concert (twice) while being in a very difficult place mental health wise and how it helped me.
  138. Insert Joke About Being Iron Woman – The experience of having an iron infusion.
  139. A Little Life Update – After accidentally abandoning the blog, a very brief update of what’s been going on.
  140. New Old Medication Thoughts – My thoughts on taking Phenelzine again.
  141. Metaphors For Autism – A handful of metaphors for Autism.
  142. A Lot Has Been Happening – After accidentally abandoning the blog again, an extended update on what has been going on in my life.
  143. Bad Night – Out Now! – My new single is out!
  144. ‘Bad Night’ Music Video – Out Now! – And the video is out!
  145. Reactions To ‘Bad Night’ – Playlists, radio plays, and reviews!
  146. BEHIND THE SONG: ‘Bad Night’ – The story behind ‘Bad Night’.
  147. I’ve Been Re-Diagnosed With OCD
  148. Grateful 2019 – Some of the things I’ve been grateful for this year.
  149. 2019 in Songs – The songs that made up my year.
  150. 2019 in Review – Looking back at 2019.
  151. 19 for 2019 Reviewed – Looking back at my goals for 2019 and how ‘successful’ I was at achieving them.
  152. Goals For 2020 – Some broad goals for this year.
  153. Clarity – Out Now! – My new single, the second single of the Honest EP, is out now!
  154. My DSA Assessment – The traumatic experience of being assessed for Disabled Student Allowance.
  155. The First Semester of My Masters – The highs and lows of the my very first semester as a Masters student.
  156. BEHIND THE SONG: ‘Clarity’ – The story behind ‘Clarity.’
  157. “It was the end of a decade, but the start of an age…” (2010 – 2020) – Looking back over the last decade.
  158. My Current Favourite Book: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert – Quotes and stories from my current favourite book.
  159. ‘Clarity’ Music Video – Out Now! – And the video for ‘Clarity’ is out!
  160. January 2020 – The highs and lows of January.
  161. Goodbye Lucky – A post about our beloved Labrador, Lucky, who we had to have put to sleep at the end of January.
  162. Anna Akana on When To Put Your Pet DownA combination of both Anna Akana and my own experience of the loss of our pets.
  163. February Album Writing Month 2020 – My attempt at writing 14 songs in 28 days.
  164. #30dayfeb Challenge for Tommy’s – A challenge to raise money and awareness for baby loss and the charity, Tommy’s.
  165. A Week in My Life (February 2020) – A week including playing a songwriter’s circle, going to university, seeing Waitress The Musical, and spending time with my cats.
  166. Celebrating Female Creatives For International Women’s Day 2020 – A post for IWD2020, showcasing female creatives including Aislin Evans, Laura Greenway, and Lois de Silva.
  167. A Very Late 25th Birthday Post – Acting on my birthday rules, buying something I wouldn’t usually buy and doing something I wouldn’t usually do.
  168. The Manic World Tour – Seeing Halsey twice on the The Manic World Tour and coping with my anxiety.
  169. Living With Autism During A Pandemic – My experience of living through this pandemic so far and some tips for coping, both for those with Autism and those without.
  170. BEHIND THE VIDEO: ‘Clarity’ – Some behind the scenes of making the ‘Clarity’ music video.
  171. Seeing Yourself In The World Around You – The importance of the representation of mental health and neurodiversity.
  172. A Week In My Life (Reading Week) – A week of recording sessions, gigging, and university work.
  173. ‘Clarity (Academic Remix)’ – Out Now! – And ‘Clarity’ has a remix!
  174. Yet Another Medication Review – My experience of Aripiprazole.
  175. My Favourite Albums of the 2010s – My absolute favourite albums from the last decade.
  176. ‘Clarity (Academic Remix)’ Music Video – Out Now! – And the remix has a video!
  177. Two Years In – My thoughts on the new house now that we’ve been here for two years.
  178. The Second Semester of My Masters – My experience of the second semester in my Masters Degree in Songwriting.
  179. Escapril Poetry Challenge 2020 – My attempt to write a poem everyday.
  180. Sounds Like Hope – Out Now! – My new single, the third single of the Honest EP, is out now!
  181. Living in Lockdown – My experience of life in lockdown.
  182. Mass Observation – A Day in the Life of UK Lockdown – My diary for the day for the 12th May Diary project by the Mass Observation Archive.
  183. BEHIND THE SONG: ‘Sounds Like Hope’ – The story behind the writing of ‘Sounds Like Hope.’
  184. Quotes That Helped Me (Grief Edition) – Quotes that I’ve found useful in describing my experience of grief.
  185. Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 – #KindnessMatters – Information about MHAW2020, the theme of kindness, and some of the acts of kindness I’ve been witnessing recently.
  186. ‘Sounds Like Hope’ Music Video – Out Now! – The video for ‘Sounds Like Hope’ is finally out!
  187. Plans For My Empty Semester – What I’d planned to do during my empty semester and how that’s changed with the lockdown.
  188. 10 Things That Are Helping My Mental Health in Lockdown – Some of the things that have been helping me manage my mental health while in lockdown.
  189. On Holiday in Lockdown – Reminiscing over a previous holiday while we’re unable to travel.
  190. Father’s Day Without A Father – Ideas to celebrate or commemorate your father on Father’s Day after his death.
  191. 365 Days of Kittens 2.0 – The first year with Sooty and Sweep.
  192. Reducing and Coming Off Pregabalin
  193. A Week In My Life (In Lockdown) – A week of decluttering, writing, piano playing, and celebrating the kittens’ birthday.
  194. My When-I-Feel-Safe-Again List – All the things I’m looking forward to doing again when it’s safe.
  195. I Finally Left My House – Leaving my house for the first time in over a hundred days and how hard it was on my mental health.
  196. My Lockdown Favourites – Some of the things I’ve been enjoying/that have been bringing me some comfort during lockdown.
  197. Sleeping and Dreaming in the Time of Covid-19 – A combination of personal experiences and scientific research on the disrupted sleep and strange dreams commonly experienced during the pandemic.
  198. When Results Day Isn’t What You Thought It Would Be – A personal experience of traumatic results day and some tips to help cope with a similar situation.
  199. Back To Life – Out Now! – My new single, the fourth single from the Honest EP, is out now!
  200. A(nother) Week In My Life (In Lockdown) – A week of filming a music video, binge-watching Absentia Season 3, and freaking out over Taylor Swift’s new album, folklore.
  201. BEHIND THE SONG: ‘Back To Life’ – The story behind the inspiration and writing of ‘Back To Life.’
  202. My Mental Health Journey Began With Stephen Fry – How hearing Stephen Fry speak about mental health inspired me to talk about how I was struggling.
  203. On JK Rowling’s Recent Comments – My thoughts on JK Rowling’s recent transphobic comments on Twitter.
  204. And A(nother) Week In My Life (In Lockdown) – A week of writing sessions, Netflix Parties, and announcing my newest single.
  205. ‘Back To Life’ Music Video – Out Now! – The music video for ‘Back To Life’ is out now on YouTube!
  206. Mourning A Public Figure – On making sense of the grief you feel for a person you didn’t know, why it’s valid, and tips on processing all of the emotions involved.
  207. BEHIND THE VIDEO: ‘Back To Life’ – The behind-the-scenes of the ‘Back To Life’ music video.
  208. The DSA Process For My Masters Degree – How I got Disabled Student Allowance and tips for those going though the process.
  209. Going Back To University During A Pandemic – My feelings on the new academic year while we’re still in the middle of a pandemic and the choices I’ve made to make it as safe and anxiety-free as possible.
  210. The Empty Semester of My Masters – The Other Side – Looking back at my list of goals for my empty semester and whether I achieved them or not.
  211. Things I Did In Lockdown – I kept a list of what I did during lockdown to remind myself that I was still managing to do things and that I wasn’t ‘wasting’ the time.
  212. Mental Health Update (September 2020) – An overview of my mental health before starting the second year of my Masters Degree.
  213. ME/CFS Research: Photo Diary (Pre Lockdown and During Lockdown) – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in photos.
  214. A Week In My Life (Going Back To University in a Pandemic) – My first week back  at university with online classes, working on assignments, and beginning my 26th birthday celebrations.
  215. Celebrating My 26th Birthday in Lockdown – Practicing my birthday rules for my 26th birthday.
  216. World Mental Health Day 2020 – Mental Health For All – My thoughts on WMHD’s slogan of ‘Mental Health For All.’
  217. National Album Day 2020 – Ten of my favourite albums of the year so far.
  218. Musicians and the US Election – How different musicians are using their platforms in the run up to the 2020 US Election.
  219. Creative Difference: Exploring Art and Autism – A webinar held by Autistica where four autistic artists talk about the relationship between their Autism and their approach to art.
  220. An Assessment with a Difference – My hypermobility assessment.
  221. Honest – Out Now! – The fifth and final single of my EP, Honest, is out now!
  222. Country Music Week 2020 – A week of livestreams and social media from country artists from both the UK and the US.
  223. Tin Pan South 2020 – The songwriting festival goes virtual with multiple songwriter rounds livestreamed every night for a week.
  224. Venturing Back To The Gym – Part 1 – Trying to exercise during a pandemic when you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  225. Staying Creative in Lockdown – Tips and ideas for keeping your creative motor running during lockdown.
  226. BEHIND THE SONG: ‘Honest’: Behind the scenes of the writing process for ‘Honest.’
  227. A Week In My Life (November Reading Week) – A week that involved my university’s reading week, the US election, Bonfire Night, and the beginning of England’s second national lockdown.
  228. ‘Honest’ Music Video – Out Now! – The music video for ‘Honest’ is out now on YouTube!
  229. Seeking Treatment For Chronic Fatigue – Part 1 – After dealing with chronic fatigue for fourteen years, I’m still looking for support.
  230. A Tribute To Daisy JohnsonIt’s taken a long time but I’ve finally managed to write up my tribute to Daisy Johnson (played by Chloe Bennet) from Agents of  Shield, my all time favourite character, and why superheroes are so important to me.
  231. A Day In My Life (University with Autism Spectrum Disorder) – A day in my life as an autistic university student.
  232. What I Did in Lockdown – Part 2 – The adventures of Lockdown 2.0.
  233. The Honest EP – What Next? – All five songs have been released but we ain’t done yet, folks.
  234. Autistic Students: Coping With Change – Speaking at a Conference! – I got to speak about my experience as an autistic student at a conference.
  235. A Week In My Life (December 2020) – A week of university, production sessions, watching good TV shows, and dealing with pain.
  236. 2020 in Songs – The songs that made up my year.
  237. Grateful 2020 – Just some of the things I’m grateful for after the hellish year we’ve had.
  238. Books, Film, and TV of 2020 – The media I’ve loved this year.
  239. 2020 in Review – Looking back at 2020.
  240. Goals For 2020 Reviewed – Looking back at the goals I set for 2020 and how much progress I made, especially considering the pandemic and lockdowns.
  241. Goals For 2021 – Some new (and old) goals for the new, uncertain year.
  242. The Third Semester of My Masters – My experience of the third semester in my Masters Degree in Songwriting.
  243. Quotes That Helped Me (Hope Edition) – Some of the quotes that help me stay hopeful.
  244. Vitamin D Deficiency – Discovering I had a vitamin D deficiency and how I’ve been managing it.
  245. Experimenting With A Sad Lamp – I tried a SAD Lamp to help with my mood and fatigue.
  246. Some More of the Little Things – A bit more information about me so you guys can hopefully get a sense of who I am as a whole person.
  247. Life Without Lucky – It’s been just over a year since we said goodbye to our lovely Lucky.
  248. Trichotillomania Triggers – A combination of my experience and research into Trichotillomania triggers.
  249. Ideas To Help With Hair Pulling – A big list of tips that are hopefully somewhat helpful when it comes to managing Trichotillomania.
  250. A Week In My Life (February 2021) – A week involving my first Occupational Therapy session, finding out my Musical Language module grades, a couple of really difficult medical appointments, and the various songs I’m working on.
  251. Anxiety Around Social Media – Some of my thoughts on social media and how much anxiety it can cause.
  252. February Album Writing Month 2021 – Attempting the songwriting challenge of writing 14 songs in 28 days.
  253. Put It In A Postcard by Richard Marc – Out Now! – One of my best friends, Richard, released his first song (which I cowrote).
  254. My Experience With AncestryDNA – My successes and frustrations in researching my family history.
  255. International Women’s Day 2021 – Looking at fifteen awesome female characters to celebrate IWD 2021.
  256. Announcing the Honest EP (Sunburst Sessions) – Sharing the news about the acoustic video series of the songs on the Honest EP.
  257. One Year of Self Isolating – Some of the things I’ve learned in the last year.
  258. Bad Night (Sunburst Sessions) – The first song from the acoustic sessions of the Honest EP.
  259. Quotes That Helped Me (Happiness Edition) – On the International Day of Happiness, I posted a collection of quotes relating to happiness from different perspectives.
  260. AD(H)D It To The List – My experience of being diagnosed with ADHD.
  261. Clarity (Sunburst Sessions) – The second song from the acoustic sessions of the Honest EP.
  262. A (Fairly) New Development: Chronic Pain – My experience of developing chronic pain and how it led to a diagnosis of Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.
  263. World Autism Awareness Week 2021 – An introduction to WAAW2021 with links to good organisations and all the posts I’ve written about being autistic.
  264. Quotes That Helped Me (Autism Edition) – A collection of quotes about Autism and from autistic individuals.
  265. Parenting A Young Adult With Autism Spectrum Disorder: I Interview My Mum – Asking my Mum about her perspective on my journey with Autism, which has obviously involved her to an enormous degree as we’ve really tackled this process and the management of my struggles as a team.
  266. Parenting A Young Adult With Autism Spectrum Disorder: My Mum Interviews Me – A follow up to the previous post, my Mum asked me a set of similar questions, about my experience with Autism, particularly in the context of the late diagnosis.
  267. Sounds Like Hope (Sunburst Sessions) – The third song from the acoustic sessions of the Honest EP.
  268. Everything Changed For Me This Year (Autism Awareness Day) – Learning that all of my physical and mental health issues are connected.
  269. How I Improved My Social Skills – How I learned to manage my social struggles (to a degree) and the tips I still use to make socialising easier.
  270. Autism Awareness and/or Autism Acceptance – My two cents on the debate over whether Autism Awareness Month/Week/Day should be Autism Acceptance Month/Week/Day.
  271. Back To Life (Sunburst Sessions) – The fourth song from the acoustic sessions of the Honest EP.
  272. A Week In My Life (March 2021) – A week involving my first ‘glowy moment’ of the year, watching The One on Netflix, multiple cowrites, and a distressing doctors appointment.
  273. Honest (Sunburst Sessions) – The fifth and final song from the acoustic sessions of the Honest EP.
  274. Quotes That Helped Me (Growth Edition) – A collection of quotes about growing and changing.
  275. Honest EP (Sunburst Sessions) – The Sunburst Sessions of the Honest EP are all now available on all major music platforms.
  276. Things I Did in Lockdown – Part 3 – What I got up to during Lockdown 3.0.
  277. ESCAPRIL 2021 – Attempting to complete 2021’s ESCAPRIL poetry challenge.
  278. Close To You by Richard Marc – Out Now! – One of my best friends, Richard, released his second single (which I cowrote).
  279. The Fourth Semester of My Masters – My experience of the fourth semester in my Masters Degree in Songwriting.
  280. Mental Health Update (May 2021) – An overview of my mental health before starting the final module of my Masters.
  281. Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 – This year’s theme being ‘nature,’ I curated a list of ten nature-based experiences and activities that have been good for my mental health.
  282. Mass Observation Day 2021 – My diary for the day for the 12th May diary project by the Mass Observation Archive.
  283. Coping With A Grief Anniversary – My thoughts on grief anniversaries.
  284. Quotes That Helped Me (Hard Work Edition) – A collection of quotes about working hard, but hopefully avoiding ones that encourage a toxic level of productivity.
  285. I Am A Very Proud Sister – My sibling, Charlie, performed their first headline show and I’m super proud.
  286. BPD As Described By Claudia Boleyn – Living With BPD was one of the first videos I watched after I was diagnosed with BPD and it was really helpful and so I thought I’d share it here, along with some of my own thoughts and experiences, for BPD Awareness Month.
  287. Migraines, Tooth Pain, and Blood Pressure Monitoring – An update on some of the physical health problems I’ve been living with.
  288. Living With Unmedicated ADHD – The difficulty I’m having getting support for my ADHD.
  289. Fully Vaccinated! – The experience of getting both AstraZeneca vaccines for COVID-19.
  290. A Week In My Life (June 2021) – A week involving getting my new ergonomic equipment from DSA, working on my Masters final project and writing new songs, my first train journey in over a year, and a day at uni.
  291. Getting DSA Support For My hEDS – The process, from start to finish, of getting help from Disabled Student Allowance for my Hypermobility Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.
  292. folklore by Taylor Swift – An indepth look at the album folklore by Taylor Swift, a passion project due to songwriting and Taylor Swift’s music being two of my big special interests as an autistic person.
  293. International Cat Day 2021 – Celebrating my wonderful cats.
  294. Nashville by Richard Marc – Out Now! – Richard Marc, one of my best friends, released his third single (a song I helped write) called ‘Nashville.’
  295. Mental Health, Health, and Life Update (September 2021) – An overview of both my mental and physical health at the end of the final module of my Masters.
  296. The Fifth Semester of My Masters – My experience of the fifth and final semester of my Masters Degree in Songwriting.
  297. Now That I’ve Finished My Masters… – Some of my plans now that I’ve completed my degree.
  298. Quotes That Helped Me (Songwriting Edition – Part 1) – Some of my favourite quotes about songwriting.
  299. My First Concert Since The Pandemic Began – Seeing The Shires live, my first concert in over eighteen months.
  300. World Mental Health Day 2021 – Research into the mental health services and how many people are people let down when they need support the most.
  301. The Honest EP – Now at Resident Music in Brighton! – A limited physical run of my debut EP is currently available at a fantastic independent music shop in my hometown (and on their website)!
  302. National Album Day 2021 – Analysing some of the albums that had the biggest impact on me between October 2020 and October 2021.
  303. The Pros and Cons of Winter – The good parts and the difficult parts of winter from my perspective as an autistic person.
  304. ADHD Awareness Month 2021 – Exploring my ADHD through an ADHD Awareness Month challenge.
  305. I Don’t Know By Richard Marc – Out Now! – Richard Marc, one of my best friends, released the fifth and final single (a song I helped write) of his EP.
  306. Quotes That Helped Me (Songwriting Edition – Part 2) – Some more of my favourite quotes about songwriting.
  307. Farewell Phenelzine 2.0 (The 2021 Edition) – Reducing and coming off my antidepressant, Phenelzine.
  308. Lauren Alex Hooper, MA. – Celebrating the end of my MA at my university’s awards ceremony.
  309. A Somewhat Reluctant Birthday Post – Trying to follow birthday rules in a very weird year.
  310. An Unexpected Trigger – When a TV show exposed a trigger I didn’t know I had.
  311. Quotes That Helped Me (Songwriting Edition – Part 3) – More of my favourite songwriting quotes.
  312. My First Experience With ADHD Medication – Trying Xaggitin XL to help manage my ADHD.
  313. 2021 in Songs – My year in songs.
  314. Grateful 2021 – Some of the things I’m grateful for after this weird year.
  315. Books, Films, and TV Shows of 2021 – Some of the media I enjoyed in 2021.
  316. 2021 in Review – Reflecting on 2021.
  317. Goals For 2021 Reviewed – Looking back at my goals for 2021 and whether I achieved them.
  318. Operation Bupropion: SNAFU – Trying Bupropion for my depression and ADHD.
  319. My Experience of Temazepam – Trying Temazepam to help with my sleeping issues.
  320. Goals For 2022 (Part 1) – Some goals for the next few months.
  321. February Album Writing Month 2022 – Attempting the FAWM challenge again in 2022.
  322. Quotes For Spring – A collection of quotes to celebrate the arrival of spring.
  323. It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day, It’s a New… Medication – Trying Moclobemide, another MAOI antidepressant.
  324. Mental Health Update (March 2022) – With the end of the Masters and multiple medication changes, my mental state has been a bit of a mess and I’m trying to put it all back together.
  325. Experimenting With Melatonin – With my sleep completely out of whack, I tried taking melatonin to get it back to normal.
  326. And So Begins World Autism Acceptance Week 2022… – All of the post that I’ve written about Autism so far.
  327. Behind The Mask: Autism For Women and Girls (TEDx Talk) – A good summary of Autism as it presents in girls and women.
  328. A Love And Hate Relationship With Autism Spectrum Disorder – What I love about being autistic and what I hate about being autistic.
  329. The Symbology of Autism – Some of the symbols that have been associated with Autism over time.
  330. Autism Tattoo Ideas – Following on from symbols of Autism, some of the common themes in tattoos representing Autism and some more unique, plus some ideas of my own.
  331. Autism Awareness Day – Inclusive Quality Education For All – Discussing my experience in education as an autistic person and what needs to be done to achieve better for autistic students.
  332. evermore by Taylor Swift – An indepth look at the album evermore by Taylor Swift and an example of how my special interests in songwriting and Taylor Swift’s music manifests itself.
  333. Happy Birthday, Claire – To honour Claire Wineland’s birthday, I watched her documentary and wrote down some of my thoughts about it.
  334. My Nashville Playlist (2022) – The songs that carried me through my 2022 trip to Nashville.
  335. I Believe In Nashville – A recap of my 2022 trip to Nashville.
  336. A Moment of Modafinil – Trying out Modafinil to help with constant drowsiness.
  337. ‘Helium Balloon’ by LUCE – Out Now! – One of my best friends put out her new single, ‘Helium Balloon,’ which I played a part in writing.
  338. Self Care For Creative People – Creativity based self care ideas.
  339. Throw Me A Line (EP) by Richard Marc – Out Now! – One of my best friends, Richard, put out a new EP that includes three songs that I cowrote.
  340. ESCAPRIL 2022 (Plus A Pinch of NaPoWriMo) – A month of poetry prompts.
  341. Quotes That Helped Me (BPD Edition) – Quotes that have encouraged me or validated my experience of having Borderline Personality Disorder, as part of BPD Awareness Month.
  342. Mass Observation Day 2022 – My diary for the day for the 12th May Diary project by the Mass Observation Archive.
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