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I’ll list every post here so they’re all easy to find.

  1. Introductions + A Brief History
  2. Happy Diagnosis Day! – Celebrating the two year anniversary of my Autism diagnosis.
  3. Disability Pride in Brighton – Performing at Disability Pride and my thoughts on it.
  4. In Colour at Fabrica in Brighton – A very cool art exhibition in Brighton.
  5. Farewell Phenelzine – My experience of taking Phenelzine/Nardil.
  6. Behind The Scars – A post about Sophie Mayanne’s Behind The Scars photography project and my experience having my photos taken for it.
  7. Finding Home and Finding Hope – A short post about poet Cecilia Knapp, her show Finding Home, and the importance of writing.
  8. 13 Things That Don’t Make My Depression Worse
  9. Keeping a Personal Library – My history/experience of OCD, specifically compulsive writing.
  10. Coming Off Phenelzine – What it felt like to stop taking Phenelzine/Nardil.
  11. 10 Lessons I Learned at 22 – Reflecting on 22 as I turn 23.
  12. No, I Can’t Stop Pulling My Hair Out – My experience with compulsive hair pulling, posted for BFRB Week 2017.
  13. ‘what it feels like to die’ by Claire Wineland – Claire Wineland’s video about her experience with death.
  14. Eye Contact – My thoughts on eye contact as a person with Autism.
  15. One Woman With Autism – My experience of Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  16. The Big White Room – The early days of recovery from depression.
  17. Moving Forward and Looking Back – A little tribute to the room I used to have therapy in.
  18. Some of the Little Things – A little bit more information about me to give some context to my other posts.
  19. Side Effect City – A review of the first month on Venlafaxine.
  20. The End of An Era – I graduated from university!
  21. A Fear of Fireworks – The story of why I’m scared of fireworks and how I manage my anxiety around Bonfire Night.
  22. BPD and Feeling Abandoned – Confronting my fear of abandonment.
  23. The Importance of Pets – Introducing my cat and my dog and how they impact my mental health.
  24. Two Levels of Mood – Some thoughts on mood and dealing with conflicting emotions.
  25. Tired – My history of fatigue and how it relates to Autism.
  26. Introducing Trichjournal – A short post about the youtube channel Trichjournal.
  27. Backwards Binoculars – Some thoughts about feeling disconnected from everything.
  28. Christmas and Autism – Some thoughts on Christmas and how to make it an enjoyable experience as a person with Autism.
  29. 2017 in Songs – Twelve songs that I loved in 2017.
  30. A Study of Autism – Why I love doing Autism research studies.
  31. I’m Grateful – Thinking about what I’m grateful for on Christmas Eve.
  32. 100 Days of Venlafaxine – A review of Venlafaxine.
  33. 2017 in Review – Looking back at 2017.
  34. 2018, I’ll Make You A Deal – Some new years resolutions and my thoughts on them as a practice.
  35. Of Stars and Spirals – Some thoughts on Turtles All The Way Down by John Green.
  36. A Few Words on Hopelessness
  37. When I Said I Wanted Superpowers, This Isn’t What I Meant – Just me rambling about the use of superpower metaphors in mental health.
  38. Stop Pulling My Hair Out (Attempt 2.1) – What happened when I tried to reduce my hair pulling.
  39. Holding On And Letting Go – On feeling sympathy for inanimate objects.
  40. Stepping Back in Time – If I could do secondary school and sixth form college again with all I know now.
  41. When You Feel ‘Too Much’ – Some tips for managing strong emotions.
  42. To Gig Or Not To Gig – Tips on performing when you have health issues.
  43. The Weird World of Anxiety Dreams – On anxiety dreams and some of the specific ones I’ve experienced.
  44. The Boy on the Bus – A chance encounter that got me thinking about blogging.
  45. ‘How To Feel Pretty’ by Anna Akana – A short post introducing Anna Akana and one of her videos.
  46. Hello and Goodbye to Lithium – A review of taking Lithium.
  47. Snapshot #1: Country2Country Festival as an Autistic Person – A day-in-the-life style post about attending Country2Country and my experience of it as an Autistic person with mental health struggles.
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