A week ago, I released the ‘Back To Life’ music video and as much as I enjoy making the ‘Behind The Video’ videos, I thought this was a bit of a unique opportunity to talk about what it was like to film a music video during a pandemic and lockdown, both for those who are interested and for my future self to look back on. But first, the music video itself…

This video was definitely a complicated one, given that we were forced to shoot it in a pandemic (after lockdown had loosened enough, of course, and we felt it was safe enough to do so – I would never take any unnecessary risks and I wouldn’t ask anyone else to either). We waited until the lockdown had loosened enough to allow us to film and then we made a plan…

So hopefully this was interesting. It definitely wasn’t an experience I ever expected to have and as happy with the video as I am, most of all I’m grateful that it’s over and done and out there in the world. It was incredibly stressful. But as I said, it’s done and I really hope you like it.

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