And So Begins World Autism Acceptance Week 2022…

The newly renamed World Autism Acceptance Week begins today! I’m not sure I agree with the name change – I’m not convinced that neurotypical society has progressed beyond awareness (something I wrote more about here) – but I am on board with a week that provides information about and celebrates being autistic. So, every day this week, I’ll be posting something Autism related. And to start, I thought I’d pull together everything I’ve written about Autism and my experience of being autistic so far…

  1. Eye Contact – My thoughts on eye contact as a person with Autism.
  2. One Woman With Autism – My experience of Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  3. Tired – My history of fatigue and how it relates to Autism.
  4. Christmas and Autism – Some thoughts on Christmas and how to make it an enjoyable experience as a person with Autism.
  5. A Study of Autism – Why I love doing Autism research studies.
  6. When I Said I Wanted Superpowers, This Isn’t What I Meant – Just me rambling about the use of superpower metaphors in mental health.
  7. World Autism Awareness Week 2018 – Introducing World Autism Awareness Week and Autism itself, as well as some useful links and the video for the awareness campaign.
  8. The Consequences of an Autism Diagnosis – My personal pros and cons of being diagnosed with Autism.
  9. Living With The Volume Up Loud – My experience of being highly sensitive to the world around me and what can cause me to go into sensory overload.
  10. Learn With Me – My experience of being diagnosed with Autism at 20.
  11. Introducing My Autistic Self – How I told people about my diagnosis.
  12. Introducing my Mum – My Mum is my hero and she needs her own post, plus she may be writing some of her own pieces in the future.
  13. When Anxiety Is The Only Thing On The Menu – My experience of food and eating as an Autistic person.
  14. Autism Awareness Day 2018 – A round up of my Autism Awareness Week posts and some encouraging words for anyone struggling.
  15. Moving House When You’re Autistic – Tips for moving house from a person with Autism.
  16. Autistic and Afraid of the Dentist – My experience with dentists as a person with Autism and how seeing a specialist dentist helped me.
  17. Travelling as an Autistic Person – Some of the things that help me when travelling.
  18. Getting A Diagnosis – The Autism Edition – My experience of getting an Autism diagnosis.
  19. ‘Is Autism a Gift?’ (At New Scientist Live) – Dr Anna Remington’s talk about some of the positives of Autism.
  20. My Experiences with Therapy – CBT, EMDR, DBT, and my experience of them.
  21. Meltdowns, Halsey, Halsey, and Meltdowns – A really intense weekend where I saw Halsey twice and had multiple meltdowns.
  22. What Women With Autism Want You To Know – A video about women with Autism.
  23. Metaphors For Autism – A handful of metaphors for Autism.
  24. My DSA Assessment – The traumatic experience of being assessed for Disabled Student Allowance.
  25. Living With Autism During A Pandemic – My experience of living through this pandemic so far and some tips for coping, both for those with Autism and those without.
  26. Seeing Yourself In The World Around You – The importance of the representation of mental health and neurodiversity.
  27. The DSA Process For My Masters Degree – How I got Disabled Student Allowance and tips for those going though the process.
  28. Going Back To University During A Pandemic – My feelings on the new academic year while we’re still in the middle of a pandemic and the choices I’ve made to make it as safe and anxiety-free as possible.
  29. Creative Difference: Exploring Art and Autism – A webinar held by Autistica where four autistic artists talk about the relationship between their Autism and their approach to art.
  30. An Assessment with a Difference – My hypermobility assessment.
  31. A Day In My Life (University with Autism Spectrum Disorder) – A day in my life as an autistic university student.
  32. Autistic Students: Coping With Change – Speaking at a Conference! – I got to speak about my experience as an autistic student at a conference.
  33. World Autism Awareness Week 2021 – An introduction to WAAW2021 with links to good organisations and all the posts I’ve written about being autistic.
  34. Quotes That Helped Me (Autism Edition) – A collection of quotes about Autism and from autistic individuals.
  35. Parenting A Young Adult With Autism Spectrum Disorder: I Interview My Mum – Asking my Mum about her perspective on my journey with Autism, which has obviously involved her to an enormous degree as we’ve really tackled this process and the management of my struggles as a team.
  36. Parenting A Young Adult With Autism Spectrum Disorder: My Mum Interviews Me – A follow up to the previous post, my Mum asked me a set of similar questions, about my experience with Autism, particularly in the context of the late diagnosis.
  37. Everything Changed For Me This Year (Autism Awareness Day) – Learning that all of my physical and mental health issues are connected.
  38. How I Improved My Social Skills – How I learned to manage my social struggles (to a degree) and the tips I still use to make socialising easier.
  39. Autism Awareness and/or Autism Acceptance – My two cents on the debate over whether Autism Awareness Month/Week/Day should be Autism Acceptance Month/Week/Day.
  40. The Pros and Cons of Winter – The good parts and the difficult parts of winter from my perspective as an autistic person.

These posts are ones specifically about being autistic or Autism-adjacent experiences but there are a lot of other posts where I do talk about how being autistic affects one thing or another. So if you’re not seeing what you’re looking for, check out my complete list of posts and if you can’t find it there, shoot me a message. I’m working on a lot of Autism related posts at the moment so what you’re looking for may well be in the pipeline.

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