Clarity (Sunburst Sessions)

So here is the second in the Sunburst Sessions videos, the acoustic version of ‘Clarity’!

Again, piano felt like a really good choice for this alternate version of ‘Clarity.’ I feel like the original┬áreally leaned into the feeling of desperation (inspired by the idea of chasing something you know is potentially bad for you but doing it anyway because it makes you feel better) and the claustrophobia that that feeling can create. But, to me at least, I think the piano and vocal version brings out some of the pain that can result in a person finding themselves in that place. There’s something about the sound of the piano that feels so desolate.

Again, thank you to Zefan Susanto for accompanying me, Richard Sanderson (Sunburst Sessions) and Olivia (Olivia B-S Photography) for filming, and Nicky Trill for engineering.

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