Announcing The Honest EP (Sunburst Sessions)

So, today, I made an exciting little announcement on social media…

It’s a bit scary to share these videos since they’re unlike anything I’ve ever posted before but it’s exciting too. These stripped back performances gave the songs a new feel, raw and emotional, and I’m eager to see what people think of these alternate versions.

And again, a massive thanks to Richard, my accompanist, videographer, and the man behind the Sunburst Sessions; to Zefan Susanto, my accompanist; Olivia of Olivia B-S Photography, videographer; and Nicky Trill, our wonderful engineer. This project would not have been possible without each and every one of them and I could not be more grateful, especially considering how unwell I was feeling on the day.

One Comment on “Announcing The Honest EP (Sunburst Sessions)

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