Fully Vaccinated!

Since I’m in a one of the vulnerable groups, I have now had both of my Covid-19 vaccines! Yippee!

Back at the end of March, I had my first vaccine. I’ve had so many blood tests and procedures involving needles that the vaccine itself really didn’t phase me, not that I’m exactly a fan of being poked by pointing things. I was a bit nervous about what the side effects might be but being vaccinated was worth it, I had no doubt. The staff at the vaccination centre were kind and efficient; I was in and out in less than twenty minutes.

The only side effect I’m sure was connected to the vaccine was how tender my arm was afterwards. After the first vaccine, it was so sore that I could barely touch the injection site for two weeks. I slept terribly because I woke up every time I rolled onto that side and that arm. After two weeks, it finally disappeared.

I had several migraines in the month after, the first of which resulted in a trip to A&E to make sure I didn’t have the rare Astra Zeneca side effect of blood clots. I didn’t and it was just a migraine but then I had several more, much higher than my monthly average. I couldn’t and still can’t be sure that they were caused by the vaccine – due to the abscess in one of my teeth that was later diagnosed, which could’ve also been causing them – but I’ve never had that many migraines in such a short period of time.

Even having the one vaccine made me feel better, safer. I obviously didn’t stop wearing a mask or social distancing, but I just felt like I had that extra layer of protection. It made my anxiety (and sometimes panic) about going out just that bit smaller.

Middle of June and I got the text to go back for my second dose. I managed to book a slot within the week, which I was already impressed with, but then it was brought forward. Doubly impressed. Everyone at the vaccination centre was super efficient and really nice and again, I was in and out in less than twenty minutes. Again, I had the tenderness in my arm but it didn’t last nearly as long; it was gone within a few days. I did have a migraine a few days after but it only last for a day rather than the almost week long migraines I was suffering from before (although, as I said, it’s hard to determine what caused those with the tooth problem). And fingers crossed, that will be the only one. I had heard that people generally experienced fewer side effects after their second vaccine but I hadn’t wanted to put too much stock in it just in case I didn’t have the same experience; I didn’t want to set myself up to be disappointed or frustrated. But, almost a week on from the second dose, everything seems to be okay and within a couple of weeks, I will officially be fully vaccinated and as protected as I can be at this moment in time and that is a big relief.

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