Bad Night (Sunburst Sessions)

And here is the first in the Sunburst Sessions videos, an acoustic version of ‘Bad Night’!

Given that the original version of the song is so big with so many different production elements, stripping it back to just the piano was really fun, if more than a bit nerve-wracking. It gave it a completely different feel. Where the original, fully produced version has a lot of tension and, I guess, angst in it, the piano version shows a vulnerable side to the song, reflecting how raw and draining the experience described can be. I really like how, even though it’s obviously still the same song, the different versions bring different emotions to the fore and may connect to be differently because of that, because of how differently people experience their struggles.

Thank you to Zefan Susanto for accompanying me, Richard Sanderson (Sunburst Sessions and Richard Sanderson Photography) and Olivia (Olivia B-S Photography) for filming, and Nicky Trill for engineering.

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