Sounds Like Hope (Sunburst Sessions)

And here we have the third in the Sunburst Sessions videos, the acoustic version of ‘Sounds Like Hope’!

The arrangement of this song is already pretty minimal so stripping it back didn’t involve much; we just had to figure out how we wanted to do that. In the end, we decided to go with just a vocal and electric guitar, reflective of how we first wrote the song. The atmospheric sound of the guitar Richard was messing around with during the session just sounded like how I felt at the time and so it was very nostalgic to revisit that first version of the song when it felt so new and tentative and fragile.

Thank you to Richard Marc for accompanying me and for his part in the filming (Sunburst Sessions), Olivia (Olivia B-S Photography) for her work as the primary videographer of this video, and Nicky Trill for engineering.

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