A week ago, I released the ‘Back To Life’ music video and as much as I enjoy making the ‘Behind The Video’ videos, I thought this was a bit of a unique opportunity to talk about what it was like to film a music video during a pandemic and lockdown, both for those who are interested and for my future self to look back on. But first, the music video itself…

This video was definitely a complicated one, given that we were forced to shoot it in a pandemic (after lockdown had loosened enough, of course, and we felt it was safe enough to do so – I would never take any unnecessary risks and I wouldn’t ask anyone else to either). We waited until the lockdown had loosened enough to allow us to film and then we made a plan…

So hopefully this was interesting. It definitely wasn’t an experience I ever expected to have and as happy with the video as I am, most of all I’m grateful that it’s over and done and out there in the world. It was incredibly stressful. But as I said, it’s done and I really hope you like it.

Back To Life – Out Now!

My new single, ‘Back To Life,’ the fourth single from my EP, Honest, is now available to listen to on all major music platforms!

Honest EP front no text



I wrote this song with Scott Colcombe while we were at university together and it was inspired by the sudden realisation that I’d let go of a really traumatic experience that had been taking up so much space and time and emotion in my life. It didn’t magically solve everything, of course, but it is something to be celebrated and that’s what this song is: a celebration. We’re in uncertain, upsetting times but I hope it will bring you some joy, even if only for a few minutes.

Please, please stream/buy it if you can. It would mean so much to me and all of the people who have worked so hard on it. Having said that, I do know how hard things are for so many people right now so whatever you can manage is hugely appreciated. The link to the song is in my bio 💜 (x)

Click here to listen to it!

If I thought I was worried about the last song coming out, that was nothing compared to this one. It isn’t the song that I’m worried about because people are always listening to music, to all kinds of music, but I am anxious (and have been for a while now) about releasing a song called ‘Back To Life’ during a pandemic when so many people have lost their lives and so many people are grieving. I worry that people won’t give it a chance because of its title; I’ve tried to explain it in my announcement post – that it’s a metaphor for a mental health related experience – but I still worry that people will jump to conclusions, regardless that it’s release was planned months before the pandemic and with the uncertain nature of current times, it’s impossible for me to put things on hold indefinitely, especially as an independent artist. So here we are. I’ve tried my best to make things as clear as possible and I have to hope that people will give it a chance and hopefully find some joy in it.

BEHIND THE SONG: Sounds Like Hope

‘Sounds Like Hope’ has been out for a week now. It’s always so strange putting a new song out into the world. It makes you feel so vulnerable. Or that’s how it makes me feel, at least. But it’s also exciting because these are songs I’ve been waiting to share for such a long time. So it’s a weird mish-mash of feelings.

I’ve just posted a new video to my YouTube channel, telling the story behind the inspiration and the writing of the song. I think I’ve talked about this before but, while this is primarily a mental health (and Autism, obviously) focussed blog, music is a big part of my life so I will always post about that too. Having said that, my music is heavily influenced by my experiences with my mental health so it links the two biggest parts of my life together, mental health and music. So it actually kind of makes sense to post about it here.

Of course every artist wants people to hear their music, the work they’ve poured their heart and soul into. So, yes, obviously I want people to listen to my songs. But it’s more nuanced than that; I would think it’s the same for every songwriter – we all just have our own, personal reasons. For me, I spent a lot of time feeling like there wasn’t any music I related to because of what I was struggling with. Why would I care about a love song when just surviving each day was a struggle? So a big part of writing music for me is writing music for people who have struggled like me, who might struggle with music the way I did (and sometimes still do). I don’t want to exclude anyone – we’re all so layered and complicated that I’m sure most people can relate to these songs in one way or another – but I specifically wanted to write music that people who have struggled with their mental health could relate to (I think I’ve actually gotten better at this since writing these songs but you’ll have to wait for the next project to hear those…). So of course I want people to hear my music but I really, really want people like me to hear my music.

If you haven’t listened to the song yet, you can buy or stream it here and the music video will be out very soon.