‘Back To Life’ Music Video – Out Now!

And the music video for ‘Back To Life’ is out and available for you guys to watch on YouTube! When I originally envisioned a video for ‘Back To Life,’ life was very different. This was pre-pandemic, pre-lockdown. The hope was that lockdown would be over and it would be safe to continue with the original plan before releasing the song but clearly that didn’t happen so I had to come up with a new plan. Considering how set I was on the original plan, that was a struggle but I’m really proud of what Richard and I managed to create under such limitations. Plus we had a blast making it. I hope you enjoy!

Due to the lockdown, it was obviously a challenging video to make, something I definitely want to talk more about. I intend to make another Behind The Video post soon because I think that an experience like this is worth recording, one that I’ve certainly never gone through and one that the industry is having to go to drastic measures to manage. Not only is it interesting to see how everyone is navigating these challenges, it will also be fascinating to look back in a few years time and see how we’ve adapted and what’s changed.


Today I put up a new YouTube video, talking about the inspiration behind ‘Back To Life,’ writing with Scott Colcombe, and working on the production with Lauren Deakin Davies and then Richard Marc. This is the fourth song off my EP, Honest, and represents the upward turn after a difficult period of time and mental health.

If you haven’t listened to the song yet, you can find it here and I’ll be releasing the music video soon. I hope you like the song and I hope it’s been interesting to hear some of the behind the scenes of the writing process.

Back To Life – Out Now!

My new single, ‘Back To Life,’ the fourth single from my EP, Honest, is now available to listen to on all major music platforms!

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I wrote this song with Scott Colcombe while we were at university together and it was inspired by the sudden realisation that I’d let go of a really traumatic experience that had been taking up so much space and time and emotion in my life. It didn’t magically solve everything, of course, but it is something to be celebrated and that’s what this song is: a celebration. We’re in uncertain, upsetting times but I hope it will bring you some joy, even if only for a few minutes.

Please, please stream/buy it if you can. It would mean so much to me and all of the people who have worked so hard on it. Having said that, I do know how hard things are for so many people right now so whatever you can manage is hugely appreciated. The link to the song is in my bio 💜 (x)

Click here to listen to it!

If I thought I was worried about the last song coming out, that was nothing compared to this one. It isn’t the song that I’m worried about because people are always listening to music, to all kinds of music, but I am anxious (and have been for a while now) about releasing a song called ‘Back To Life’ during a pandemic when so many people have lost their lives and so many people are grieving. I worry that people won’t give it a chance because of its title; I’ve tried to explain it in my announcement post – that it’s a metaphor for a mental health related experience – but I still worry that people will jump to conclusions, regardless that it’s release was planned months before the pandemic and with the uncertain nature of current times, it’s impossible for me to put things on hold indefinitely, especially as an independent artist. So here we are. I’ve tried my best to make things as clear as possible and I have to hope that people will give it a chance and hopefully find some joy in it.