Honest – Out Now!

My new single, ‘Honest,’ the title track and final single from my debut EP, Honest, is now available on all major music platforms!



‘Honest,’ the title track and final single from the Honest EP, is out! I’m so excited for you guys to finally hear it! It’s a celebration of the honesty of the previous four songs and of being honest and authentic about who you are, even and especially when it’s hard. It’s vulnerable and frightening and sometimes clumsy but it’s empowering too. There’s such a relief to leaning into who you really are.

This song was a real labour of love; it took a lot of hard work. It was born in a session with one of my songwriting inspirations, Lauren Aquilina. I worked on it with my beloved Richard Marc, and then it finally found its true shape in a session with the super inspiring Jonathan Whiskerd. Many people might’ve given up on it. At another moment in time, I might’ve been one of them, but I just knew there was something there. It was something I needed to express. And despite the frustrations along the way, I don’t think it could’ve become the song it is without them.

Please, please, please stream and/or buy it if you can. It would mean so much to me and everyone who has worked so hard on this song and this whole EP. The link to the song is in my bio 💜 (x)

Click here to listen to the song!

Posting this feels strange and really quite emotional since this EP has been a major part of my life for the last few years and right now, I don’t know when I’ll next be releasing new music. But I also really love this song and I’m so excited for everyone to hear it. And it feels particularly special that this final song was written with three people who mean a lot to me and have had a big impact on my life: Lauren was one of the few songwriter/artists that I really felt connected to and whose music I felt truly invested in as a teenager and writing with her was a big moment for me; Richard is one of my best friends and one of the most important people in my life; Jonathan was one of my tutors at university who not only taught me an incredible amount about songwriting, but gave me confidence in myself and always inspired me, both things he continues to do. I’m so grateful to have these wonderful people involved in this project that has been so important in my life.

I hope you enjoy the song. Please let me know – here or on social media – what you think, of the song and the whole EP now that it’s complete! I’d love to hear from you! Otherwise, keep an eye on my social media accounts for news about the music video and other content…

Back To Life – Out Now!

My new single, ‘Back To Life,’ the fourth single from my EP, Honest, is now available to listen to on all major music platforms!

Honest EP front no text



I wrote this song with Scott Colcombe while we were at university together and it was inspired by the sudden realisation that I’d let go of a really traumatic experience that had been taking up so much space and time and emotion in my life. It didn’t magically solve everything, of course, but it is something to be celebrated and that’s what this song is: a celebration. We’re in uncertain, upsetting times but I hope it will bring you some joy, even if only for a few minutes.

Please, please stream/buy it if you can. It would mean so much to me and all of the people who have worked so hard on it. Having said that, I do know how hard things are for so many people right now so whatever you can manage is hugely appreciated. The link to the song is in my bio 💜 (x)

Click here to listen to it!

If I thought I was worried about the last song coming out, that was nothing compared to this one. It isn’t the song that I’m worried about because people are always listening to music, to all kinds of music, but I am anxious (and have been for a while now) about releasing a song called ‘Back To Life’ during a pandemic when so many people have lost their lives and so many people are grieving. I worry that people won’t give it a chance because of its title; I’ve tried to explain it in my announcement post – that it’s a metaphor for a mental health related experience – but I still worry that people will jump to conclusions, regardless that it’s release was planned months before the pandemic and with the uncertain nature of current times, it’s impossible for me to put things on hold indefinitely, especially as an independent artist. So here we are. I’ve tried my best to make things as clear as possible and I have to hope that people will give it a chance and hopefully find some joy in it.

‘Sounds Like Hope’ Music Video – Out Now!

The ‘Sounds Like Hope’ music video is officially out!

I’d always imagined this video animated and I really, really wanted to have Lois – Lois de Silva, who animated the ‘Clarity’ music video – do it because I love her animation style. As I said when we released the ‘Clarity’ video, I’ve known her for a long time, she’s one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met, and I have always wanted to collaborate with her. So the fact that that was possible was absolutely amazing and the plan to have animation in this video is actually what sparked the idea for  having animation in the previous video. I’m so, so grateful to Lois for saying yes and for all the hard work she put into the two videos, but especially this one. Me, Richard (my co-pilot on this whole project), and Lois spent a lot of time discussing how we wanted it to look and I just love how it came out. Lois, you are incredible and it’s an honour to have your art as part of a project that means everything to me.

I love this music video so much and I hope you guys love it too. And if you haven’t heard the song yet, you can buy/stream it here.