So today I posted a new video on YouTube, talking about the story behind ‘Honest,’ the long journey from idea to final song, and what it was like working on it with the amazing songwriters that are Lauren Aquilina, Richard Marc, and Jonathan Whiskerd. This is the title track and final single of the Honest EP and is a tribute to the honesty in the four songs that came before, as well as to being authentic and honest, even when it’s really hard.

If you haven’t listened to the song yet, you can find it here and the music video will be out soon! I hope you enjoy the song and I hope it’s interesting to hear some of the behind the scenes of the writing process.

As always, thank you for listening to my songs, watching my videos, and reading my posts. It means more than I can say.


A week ago, I released the ‘Back To Life’ music video and as much as I enjoy making the ‘Behind The Video’ videos, I thought this was a bit of a unique opportunity to talk about what it was like to film a music video during a pandemic and lockdown, both for those who are interested and for my future self to look back on. But first, the music video itself…

This video was definitely a complicated one, given that we were forced to shoot it in a pandemic (after lockdown had loosened enough, of course, and we felt it was safe enough to do so – I would never take any unnecessary risks and I wouldn’t ask anyone else to either). We waited until the lockdown had loosened enough to allow us to film and then we made a plan…

So hopefully this was interesting. It definitely wasn’t an experience I ever expected to have and as happy with the video as I am, most of all I’m grateful that it’s over and done and out there in the world. It was incredibly stressful. But as I said, it’s done and I really hope you like it.

Feeling Good About Feeling Bad

This video has some really good thoughts on how to process negative emotions, one that isn’t forced positivity and doesn’t end with you accidentally dwelling in the negative. The method may be a little cheesy but it’s good advice and let’s face it, we could all do with some self directed gentleness and goofiness.

“Literally every emotion you feel is trying to do something for you.”