The Honest EP – Now at Resident Music in Brighton!

I have exciting news!

The Honest EP is now in CD form and available to purchase at Resident Music in Brighton! The CDs include the five original tracks plus the acoustic versions so if you’re local (or even semi-local) and would like to support me and a wonderful independent music shop, you can pick up a copy now! You can also buy them online through Resident’s website here. This is a limited run so once they’re gone, they’re gone…

This is honestly a dream. Resident is such an amazing independent music shop and to have them selling my music is something I’d wished for but couldn’t even imagine at this point in my career. When we got in touch, I was hoping that they’d put a poster up as a ‘Support Local Artists!’ sort of thing; I had no idea that they’d suggest stocking the Honest EP. So this is beyond awesome – if I had a bucket list, this would be a big thing to be ticking off. I’d be drawing stars around it and everything.

So this is a very cool way to end the Honest era. It may not have gone as I’d planned but there have been some pretty great surprises along the way.