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I’ll list every post here so they’re all easy to find.

  1. Introductions + A Brief History
  2. Happy Diagnosis Day! – Celebrating the two year anniversary of my Autism diagnosis.
  3. Disability Pride in Brighton – Performing at Disability Pride and my thoughts on it.
  4. In Colour at Fabrica in Brighton – A very cool art exhibition in Brighton.
  5. Farewell Phenelzine – My experience of taking Phenelzine/Nardil.
  6. Behind The Scars – A post about Sophie Mayanne’s Behind The Scars photography project and my experience having my photos taken for it.
  7. Finding Home and Finding Hope – A short post about poet Cecilia Knapp, her show Finding Home, and the importance of writing.
  8. 13 Things That Don’t Make My Depression Worse
  9. Keeping a Personal Library – My history/experience of OCD, specifically compulsive writing.
  10. Coming Off Phenelzine – What it felt like to stop taking Phenelzine/Nardil.
  11. 10 Lessons I Learned at 22 – Reflecting on 22 as I turn 23.
  12. No, I Can’t Stop Pulling My Hair Out – My experience with compulsive hair pulling, posted for BFRB Week 2017.
  13. ‘what it feels like to die’ by Claire Wineland – Claire Wineland’s video about her experience with death.
  14. Eye Contact – My thoughts on eye contact as a person with Autism.
  15. One Woman With Autism – My experience of Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  16. The Big White Room – The early days of recovery from depression.
  17. Moving Forward and Looking Back – A little tribute to the room I used to have therapy in.
  18. Some of the Little Things – A little bit more information about me to give some context to my other posts.
  19. Side Effect City – A review of the first month on Venlafaxine.
  20. The End of An Era – I graduated from university!
  21. A Fear of Fireworks – The story of why I’m scared of fireworks and how I manage my anxiety around Bonfire Night.
  22. BPD and Feeling Abandoned – Confronting my fear of abandonment.
  23. The Importance of Pets – Introducing my cat and my dog and how they impact my mental health.
  24. Two Levels of Mood – Some thoughts on mood and dealing with conflicting emotions.
  25. Tired – My history of fatigue and how it relates to Autism.
  26. Introducing Trichjournal – A short post about the youtube channel Trichjournal.
  27. Backwards Binoculars – Some thoughts about feeling disconnected from everything.
  28. Christmas and Autism – Some thoughts on Christmas and how to make it an enjoyable experience as a person with Autism.
  29. 2017 in Songs – Twelve songs that I loved in 2017.
  30. A Study of Autism – Why I love doing Autism research studies.
  31. I’m Grateful – Thinking about what I’m grateful for on Christmas Eve.
  32. 100 Days of Venlafaxine – A review of Venlafaxine.
  33. 2017 in Review – Looking back at 2017.
  34. 2018, I’ll Make You A Deal – Some new years resolutions and my thoughts on them as a practice.
  35. Of Stars and Spirals – Some thoughts on Turtles All The Way Down by John Green.
  36. A Few Words on Hopelessness
  37. When I Said I Wanted Superpowers, This Isn’t What I Meant – Just me rambling about the use of superpower metaphors in mental health.
  38. Stop Pulling My Hair Out (Attempt 2.1) – What happened when I tried to reduce my hair pulling.
  39. Holding On And Letting Go – On feeling sympathy for inanimate objects.
  40. Stepping Back in Time – If I could do secondary school and sixth form college again with all I know now.
  41. When You Feel ‘Too Much’ – Some tips for managing strong emotions.
  42. To Gig Or Not To Gig – Tips on performing when you have health issues.
  43. The Weird World of Anxiety Dreams – On anxiety dreams and some of the specific ones I’ve experienced.
  44. The Boy on the Bus – A chance encounter that got me thinking about blogging.
  45. ‘How To Feel Pretty’ by Anna Akana – A short post introducing Anna Akana and one of her videos.
  46. Hello and Goodbye to Lithium – A review of taking Lithium.
  47. Snapshot #1: Country2Country Festival as an Autistic Person – A day-in-the-life style post about attending Country2Country and my experience of it as an Autistic person with mental health struggles.
  48. Surviving Is Better Than Not Surviving – My experience with self harm, inspired by Claudia Boleyn’s video about living with self harm scars.
  49. World Poetry Day 2018 – Some of my poetry and some of my favourite poets.
  50. World Autism Awareness Week 2018 – Introducing World Autism Awareness Week and Autism itself, as well as some useful links and the video for the awareness campaign.
  51. The Consequences of an Autism Diagnosis – My personal pros and cons of being diagnosed with Autism.
  52. Living With The Volume Up Loud – My experience of being highly sensitive to the world around me and what can cause me to go into sensory overload.
  53. Learn With Me – My experience of being diagnosed with Autism at 20.
  54. Introducing My Autistic Self – How I told people about my diagnosis.
  55. Introducing my Mum – My Mum is my hero and she needs her own post, plus she may be writing some of her own pieces in the future.
  56. When Anxiety Is The Only Thing On The Menu – My experience of food and eating as an Autistic person.
  57. Autism Awareness Day 2018 – A round up of my Autism Awareness Week posts and some encouraging words for anyone struggling.
  58. Nashville Playlist – A song for every day I was in Nashville.
  59. Goin’ Back To Nashville, Thinkin’ ‘Bout The Whole Thing – A recap of my trip to Nashville.
  60. Moving House When You’re Autistic – Tips for moving house from a person with Autism.
  61. Yes, It’s Another Medication Review – My experience of taking Lamotrigine.
  62. The Only Make Up Tutorial That Matters – A video by Anna Akana.
  63. To Define or Not To Define – On whether we should be defined by mental illness.
  64. Invisible – Out Now! – My debut single is out!
  65. The Blurt Foundation Selfcareathon 2018 – My experience with The Blurt Foundation’s Selfcareathon challenge.
  66. A Short(ish) Note on Thirteen Reasons Why – Before Season 2 comes out, some of my thoughts on Season 1.
  67. Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 – Some thoughts on sharing your experience.
  68. Autistic and Afraid of the Dentist – My experience with dentists as a person with Autism and how seeing a specialist dentist helped me.
  69. So I Accidentally Went Into Withdrawal… – My experience of Venlafaxine withdrawal.
  70. A Buddy Box from The Blurt Foundation – Opening a box of self care stuff from The Blurt Foundation.
  71. A Need For Balance – Samantha Pena talks about her experience with OCD.
  72. A Little Less Wise? – On having a wisdom tooth removed under general anaesthetic.
  73. Autism’s Got Talent – Performing at Autism’s Got Talent, a showcase for autistic people, run by Anna Kennedy Online.
  74. I’m Running Out of Clever Titles For Medication Reviews – The experience of weaning myself off Venlafaxine.
  75. When You Don’t Want To Get Better – An update on my mental health and my fear of feeling better.
  76. I Finally Read Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig – A book review of sorts.
  77. Snapshot #2: Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour – My experience of seeing Taylor Swift in concert (as a person with Autism and anxiety).
  78. Travelling as an Autistic Person – Some of the things that help me when travelling.
  79. Introducing Claire Wineland
  80. A Holiday Bubble – I went to Norfolk for a week.
  81. How Are We Already Halfway Through The Year? – A review of my 2018 new year’s resolutions.
  82. Hannah Jane Parkinson on Mental Health and Mental Illness – Thoughts on an article in The Guardian.
  83. Getting Back To Gigging – Getting used to performing again and coping with my anxiety.
  84. An Introduction To Amitriptyline – A review of taking Amitriptyline after taking it for six weeks.
  85. Taking A Self Care Day – What I do to look after myself.
  86. Life Goes On (Even When You Don’t Want It To) – I’ve been thinking a lot about how emotions change over time.
  87. Getting A Diagnosis – The Mental Illness Edition – My experience of trying to get a diagnosis.
  88. Getting A Diagnosis – The Autism Edition – My experience of getting an Autism diagnosis.
  89. Mental Health and Medication Update – Just a little life update.
  90. When Things Get Really Bad – What I do on the bad days.
  91. Remembering Claire Wineland – Her TEDx talk about living a life you’re proud of.
  92. A First Attempt At Bullet Journalling – What I’ve learned about it and how it helps my life.
  93. ‘Is Autism a Gift?’ (At New Scientist Live) – Dr Anna Remington’s talk about some of the positives of Autism.
  94. Things I’d Tell My Younger Self – Looking back on my younger self as I turn twenty four.
  95. Some Social Media Favourites – Some social media accounts that help me/inspire me/bring me joy.
  96. Birthday Rules – An effort to reduce anxiety around my birthday and potentially make them more enjoyable and memorable.
  97. So I Wrote A Thing For World Mental Health Day
  98. My Experiences with Therapy – CBT, EMDR, DBT, and my experience of them.
  99. Meltdowns, Halsey, Halsey, and Meltdowns – A really intense weekend where I saw Halsey twice and had multiple meltdowns.
  100. Describing Depression – Some metaphors for depression, some famous and some of my own.
  101. I Rediscovered Swimming – About finding the right form of exercise and the benefits of swimming.
  102. Another Anna Akana Video I’m Grateful For – Anna Akana talking about her experience with suicidal thoughts.
  103. Quotes That Helped Me – Perhaps the first instalment of quotes that I’ve found helpful.
  104. The Last Few Weeks… – An Autism research study, giving blood, a medication change, and a concert.
  105. What Women With Autism Want You To Know – A video about women with Autism.
  106. Books, Film, and TV of 2018 – A round up of the media I’ve loved in 2018.
  107. Beautiful, Stunning, Stressful Iceland – A little summary of my trip to Iceland.
  108. Grateful 2018 – Some of the things I’m grateful for on Christmas Eve.
  109. 2018 in Songs – Thirteen songs I loved in 2018.
  110. 2018 in Review – Looking back at 2018.
  111. The Old New Year’s Resolutions – Looking back at my New Year’s Resolutions and assessing whether I achieved them or not.
  112. 19 For 2019 – Nineteen things I want to do in 2019.
  113. Situation Specific Mutism – My experience with Selective Mutism.
  114. The Next Chapter In The Medication Chronicles – Coming off Amitriptyline and trying Clomipramine and Pregabalin.
  115. My Personal Warning Signs of Depression – About how we all have our own warning signs for Depression and some examples of mine.
  116. Because Sometimes You Need To Laugh – Some funny animal videos.
  117. Tips for Talking About Mental Health and Mental Illness – Tips on Time To Talk Day 2019.
  118. Why Sara Bareilles Means So Much To Me – I really, really love Sara Bareilles.
  119. Quotes That Helped Me (Creativity Edition) – Some more quotes but this time focussed on being creative.
  120. Some ‘Interesting’ Medication Experiences
  121. A Year of Kittens – On the kittens’ first birthday, a review of the year and all that’s happened.
  122. Talking About Self Harm – On Self Harm Awareness Day, some tips for talking about self harm.
  123. Books That Teenage Me Loved – Some books that I loved as a teenager.
  124. Happy International Women’s Day! – Women that inspire me.
  125. My Experience of Borderline Personality Disorder
  126. World Poetry Day 2019 – Some spoken word artists that I love.
  127. Nashville Playlist 2019 – Some songs I listened to during my Nashville trip.
  128. Nashville Looks Good On You – My trip to Nashville.
  129. A Letter Under The Floorboards – Saying goodbye to my childhood home.
  130. Claudia Boleyn on BPD and Obsessions
  131. The New Plan – Changing medications.
  132. 30 Days of Self Care – Attempting the 30 Days of Self Care Challenge.
  133. Quotes That Helped Me (Validation Edition – Part 1) – Some quotes to help validate difficult emotions.
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